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EDX Foundations Training

Rf planning software Training

EDX Foundations

The Basic course is designed to give new users a solid understanding of EDX Signal/SignalPro. By the end of the course a user will be able to create projects and project templates, import and manage radio equipment, choose appropriate propagation mode settings, run studies, and query/export study information. The user will also be able to dissect a typical RFP and understand how EDX Wireless software can be used to respond to RFPs in a timely manner.

Course Syllabus

01| Software Installation
*Please note that this training will review and utilize a standard (recommended) set-up of EDX Software. However, should you require a customized set-up, this can be accomplished with the assistance of 1-on-1 EDX Consultant services.
  • Understanding what comes with/does not come with a basic EDX installation
  • Where EDX installs various components of the software
  • Impacts of these installation locations
  • Strategies/best practices for organizing projects and data for single user and multiple
    user set-ups
02| External Data and EDX Software
  • Understanding the various types of data EDX can use and where it’s used in the software
  • Understanding the difference between EDX formats and other data formats
  • Understanding the difference between data that impacts calculations and data that
  • Where to source data for use in EDX
03| EDX application window/user interface
  • User hands-on exploration of the EDX user interface
    • Overview of the components that make up the EDX application
    • Overview of menu bar, button bar, project pane and status bar
    • Overview of various navigation modes – left click, right click, click and hold, and scrolling.
04| Creating EDX Projects
  • User hands-on with EDX software
    • Building new projects, pointing to data and organizing map layers
    • Repurposing existing EDX projects
    • Project templates
05| Working with Projects
  • User hands-on with EDX software
    ● Preparing and importing Base station data, CPE/Subscriber units, mobile/remote units
    ● Propagation model overview and basic setup
    ● Relationship of various network topologies to EDX study types, e.g. fixed vs mobile
    ● Running studies and querying/understanding results, and set-up factors that affect study
06| Analyze Basic Network Topologies
  • Discussion and user hands-on
    ● Fixed vs mobile, Broadcast, simulcast, hybrid, etc.
    ● Discussion of study types appropriate to specific topologies
    ● Basic system analysis, discussion of reliability/availability applied to specific topologies
07| RFP Response Discussion
  • Discussion and user hands-on
    ● Dissecting a typical RFP and understanding how EDX can be used to respond
    ● Creating/working with a project to generate study results for the RFP
    ● Analyzing study results and preparing deliverables
Radio network planning software training

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