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EDX SignalPro 8.4.1® / Signal 11.4.1®

Aug 18, 2017

Thursday, August 18th, 2017

EDX SignalPro 8.4.1® / Signal 11.4.1®

New product build – release 21512


  • MESH – Added Mesh Aware auto-placement with clusters and multithread hop step.
  • NEW ROUTE STUDY (MLS) – A new route study added: ‘Strongest (most likely) Server using route-aligned antenna’
  • DAS STUDIES: BETTER ERROR HANDLING OF RF EQUIPMENT FILE – Now performs validation checks on the RF Equipment file and reports errors.
  • INCREASE NUMBER OF MOBILE/REMOTE UNITS FOR PROFILE TO POINT – The Profile to Point study now lists up to 20 of the defined Remote/Mobile units. In addition, the custom name of each unit is used rather than a generic name.
  • DAS LINK PROFILE REMOTE UNIT HEIGHT ERROR – The Remote Unit antenna height was incorrect during a “Profile to Point” study when using the height reference option “DAS (Current Floor).”
  • QUERY MULTIPOINT ‘ELEVATION TO SERVER’ INCORRECT WHEN USING ENGLISH UNITS – The calculation for the multipoint query column ‘Elevation To Server 1’ was incorrect when using English units.
  • 3GPP IN MESH – Fixed a bug in the 3GPP propagation model when using mesh.
  • CPE HUB-LINK LAYER ERROR WHEN USING SINGLE COLOR AND NO ASSIGNED CPT FILE – Selecting the Single color option in the CPE Hub-Link layer style dialog was still attempting to use a .CPT (channel plan) file. An error was occurring if the System Type did not yet have a .CPT file defined.
  • MULTIPOINT SYSTEM LAYOUT CREATE CPES FIX – Fixed a bug when creating CPEs within a service area boundary.
  • ROUTE STUDY GRAPH DISTANCE HAS BEEN FIXED – The Route Study graph distances were not correct. This has been fixed and will again display the correct distances along the route.
  • QUERY ‘WRITE TO PDF’ WAS NOT SHOWING ALL OF THE DATA – Write to PDF was not always displaying all of the data.
  • DAS MODULE TX DAS RECEIVER HEIGHT – Studies with transmitters using an elevation type of “DAS” and terrain turned on were not correct. This has been resolved.
  • LIVE PROFILE TO POINT – Some fixes for live profile to point when using DAS.
  • HELP SHORTCUT FOR MOVING A CPE IS FIXED – The shortcut key for moving CPEs has been fixed.
  • FCC-EDX SUPPLEMENTARY PARAMETERS – The supplementary parameters for the FCC-EDX model (receiver height correction and manual table selection) were working inconsistently. This has been corrected.
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