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EDX SignalPro 8.5.1® / Signal 11.5.1®

Apr 4, 2018

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

EDX SignalPro 8.5.1® / Signal 11.5.1®

New product build – release 22360


  • GEOGRAPHIC DATA WINDOW FOR TERRAIN/CLUTTER FILES – Added a new feature to create a geographic boundary to control which terrain/clutter files are used. You can use a dialog (Databases→Data Boundary menu) or directly draw on the screen (Draw→Data Boundary menu). A new map layer has been added to display the boundary.
  • DAS COST SUPPORT – Added cost support for RF Equipment
  • DAS IMPORT MEASUREMENT AS X/Y ADDED – Added The ability to import measurement data in an X,Y (not lat/long) format into the DAS or BE.
  • MULTIPOINT STUDIES ADDED – Studies “LTE RSRP at UE from Strongest eNodeB” and “LTE RSRQ at UE using Strongest eNodeB” are now part of the LTE study options in Multipoint Studies.
  • MULTIPOINT/ROUTE EXPORT TO CSV – Removed several columns (distance, Fresnel, azimuth angle and elevation angle) from the exported CSV file. These values were not being filled in. Also added column headers to the file.
  • OPENGL UPDATED – Code has been updated to use a newer version of OpenGL.
  • DEFINE STUDY GRID SHOWS POP-UP WIDTH/HEIGHT AS YOU DRAW STUDY GRID – New workflow for creating the study grid. A new smaller window follows your cursor showing you the current height/width and point spacing. After clicking to finish it no longer goes into the main study grid dialog.
  • 5G USER DEFINED PROPAGATION MODEL ADDED – Added a new user defined model to the empirical 5G Propagation Model.
  • DAS EXPORT ALL ACTIVE GROUP CLOSED POLYGONS – Added an item to the ‘Operations for Active Group’ that exports all Active Group closed polygon entities to a BNA file.
  • DAS OPERATIONS ON ACTIVE GROUPS – Added “Move Closed Polygon(s) to Layer, smaller than Area specified”. This allows small cross-section polygons to be moved to inactive layers so they won’t cause bogus shadowing during a leaky cable study.
  • QUERY ON CLUTTER/TERRAIN NOW WORKS WITH BNA FILES CONTAINING MULTIPLE POLYGONS – The queries for clutter and terrain have been updated to work with BNA files containing multiple polygons. Previously, it was only considering the first polygon in the file.
  • ADDED ABILITY TO RUN TEST AGAINST MEASUREMENT WITHIN A BUILDING – Added ability to run Test Against Measurements within a building (using DAS option on the Receive Unit).

Bug Fixes

  • MULTILINK REPORT UNITS – The Transmission Line Length was always displaying as meters even when set to English Units. This now follows the units setting.
  • LINK SPREADSHEET EDITOR ALLOW FOR HYPHEN IN NAME – The Link Spreadsheet Editor could not properly handle hyphens in link names. The ‘-’ was being used as a separator between the first and second link Site IDs. You can now use hyphens in the Site ID and a colon ‘:’ is now used as the separator. In addition, the first column in the spreadsheet has been renamed to “Link Systems”.
  • LINK DETAILS/GRID EMPTY SPACES – Resolved an issue with having trailing empty spaces in Link names.
  • EXPORTING ROUTE/MULTIPOINT MLS TO KML WAS USING INCORRECT OVERRIDE COLORS – When exporting an MLS Route or Multipoint study to KML/KMZ, it was not using the correct override colors.
  • ERROR WHEN EXPORTING CPE/LINK LAYERS WITH AMPERSAND IN NAME – Fixed an issue where an ampersand in a CPE or Link name would cause exporting the layer to fail.
  • DAS FIXED ANTENNA EQUIPMENT ANTENNA PATTERN ISSUE – Fixed an issue when changing antenna equipment files that contain an Antenna Pattern file specification. The program would fail while calculating the beam width for the changed antenna pattern.
  • DAS AREA QUERY FAILING ON IRREGULAR POLYGON – Fixed a bug when querying DAS area studies with a polygon.
  • LTE InterRAT STUDY INCORRECT – The LTE InterRAT study was giving incorrect results. Fixed.
  • UPDATED TX STUDY DISTANCE RESOLUTION – Study path point spacing resolution increased from 1.0 to 0.1 meters and added checks to ensure number of allowed points could not be exceeded (which was causing a program failure).
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