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EDX SignalPro 8.6.8/Signal 11.6.8

Jul 2, 2019

July 2, 2019

EDX SignalPro 8.6.8/Signal 11.6.8

New product build – release 23910


  • Enhanced LOS shadow map study results for all propagation models – Previously the shadow map study results were dependent on the selected propagation model, leading to unexpected results in some scenarios like over-the-horizon links. The LOS shadow map study has now been improved to provide consistent results regardless of the propagation model selected.


  • Global Group Edit of TX and RX “use type database” does not update the use antenna type parameter setting – This setting was previously not supported in the global group edit workflow, but has now beed added.
  • Differing RSSI values for CPEs vs status bar – Fixed a recently introduced bug where these values would disagree under certain scenarios
  • Bing license file is 0 bytes – In some situations, the license file for the Bing Map layer would be downloaded as an empty file and preventing the use of this feature. This has been corrected.

EARLY ACCESS FEATURES (to enable please contact EDX technical support)

  • Grid-Optimized Radials – A new calculation method has been added for area studies that increases long range prediction accuracy.
  • Flexible Licensing Options – Includes the ability to add short-term SignalPro licenses for project surges.
  • Additional Bug Fixes and Enhancements to Early Access Features
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