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SignalPro & Cirrus Platform

Mar 5, 2024


Macro Diversity Voting: A new study has been created to assess the Uplink percent log-normal reliability with Macro Diversity Voting. This allows the user to analyze the combined reliability from all servers that have an uplink power above the set threshold.

Sustainability: We continue to enhance the sustainability feature set within SignalPro. Sustainability of the network starts with planning. It is then vital to ensure the user has the correct tools to assess their energy consumption. The latest enhancement brings a new comparison table and chart to the user. Thus allowing the user to run comparisons on the energy consumption of the legacy and new base station model.

In addition, a new report has been created to allow the user to analyze all the sites sustainability metrics. This will provide the top consumers of energy.


  • Clutter Conversion: An error was found whilst converting a land use (clutter) file from ArcView ASCII (.asc) to EDX .gcv, with the .mrg, resolved, issue was found in naming the file
  • Error when running Inter-Router Links Report: This has been resolved
  • UsageProc error: This has been resolved
  • The Sustainability dialog is not saving its data: This has been resolved



  • Updates on various articles with latest fixes


EDX Wireless is proud to announce new training offerings for our customers. The new trainings we offer are;

  • SignalPro Beginners
  • SignalPro Advanced
  • Mesh Beginners
  • Mesh Advanced
  • LTE & LTE-Pro
  • 5G Module
  • Model Tuning in SignalPro

Please contact your account manager or EDX for more information

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