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SignalPro & Cirrus Platform (November 2022)

Nov 1, 2022


  • Cloud Coverage Instances: Running cloud studies for WISPs FWA deployments. Separate instances are created to handle different users on the cloud. Enhancements have been added to ensure each separate instance has the best performance and is able to scale as needed.
  • SignalPro to Cloud; SignalPro Automatically starts Novus for any cloud study requests. Users can access the cloud via SignalPro, users will now be able to use Novus for any study. This allows the user to view, export and share projects with others.
  • Error Message Simplification; When errors were seen a long and complex message is seen. After customer feedback we have changed this to be a more simplified message pertaining to the issue
  • Site Expansion; This EAP feature set includes a map tool tip presenting on the fly information to the user. The user can select the information to be presented on the map layer including the tool tip.
    • This full feature set for Site expansion includes information such as;
      • Name
      • Location
      • Picture
      • Address & Number
      • Generator name
      • Model number
      • Batteries
      • Number of batteries
      • Capacity
      • Date of service 
      • Date of last service
      • AC name
      • Model number
      • Custom Columns (10 extra)

This Feature is released under EAP flag, if you wish to test this, please contact support*


  • LTE-PRO DL Throughput issue: There was an error anytime the DL throughput was executed. This is now fixed, users can now successfully run the study.
  • Terrain Database: A issues was seen when utilizing the full 2016 terrain database. This was caused by corrupt files and is now resolved
  • Mesh, Leveling issue; The leveling was not correctly moving meters from the connected overloaded router. This is not resolved
  • Novus Study Display; It was found that not all the study was showing in Novus. This is now resolved


  • Signal is now end of life, please contact sales for further information



  • MXX Converter
  • Carrier Aggregation Set up 5G & LTE -Pro
  • Incorrect results in Mesh
  • Router/Meter/Repeater information from MegaMesh
  • Megamesh study run-time tips
  • Initialization of terrain db info with error: No FORTRAN error
  • How To Draw Clutter Objects
  • Error 1500. Another installation is in progress


  • 1 concierge for Eval


EDX Wireless is proud to announce new training offerings for our customers. The new trainings we offer are;

  • SignalPro Beginners
  • SignalPro Advanced
  • Mesh Beginners
  • Mesh Advanced
  • LTE & LTE-Pro
  • 5G Module
  • Model Tuning in SignalPro

Please contact your account manager or EDX for more information

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