EDX Releases SignalPro v8.2

Eugene, OR. October 8, 2014 – EDX Wireless, a leading provider of wireless network design tools, announces the release of EDX® SignalPro® v8.2. This new release enhances the RF planning capabilities within SignalPro and contains many new features available as an inline upgrade to the entire EDX range of products.

Version 8.2 of SignalPro features a rebuilt propagation engine designed to accommodate the increasingly complex nature of network topologies while taking best advantage of 64 bit processing capabilities. This new calculation engine improves the software’s ability to rapidly complete network design for large projects such as those found in Mesh, LTE, WiMAX, in-building DAS, Small Cell and a host of other wireless networks.

“Version 8.2 of SignalPro continues our strategy of supporting the integration of wireless networks into multi-layered, multi-technology platforms. We are pleased to be able to offer planning features and network analysis for citywide, in-building and outdoor-to-indoor systems. The latest release of SignalPro greatly simplifies the design, deployment and optimization of these wireless networks,” said Dr. Harry Anderson, CEO of EDX Wireless. “Version 8.2 was designed with the engineer in mind, ensuring optimal performance and a higher standard of design.”

SignalPro v8.2 contains a comprehensive library of propagation models that provide accurate predictions for indoor, outdoor and outdoor/indoor system design. These models provide analysis of the effect of outdoor transmitters on indoor radio systems and are applicable to the full suite of SignalPro studies (area, route, and multipoint). By using SignalPro’s integration with the Google Earth® Plug-in, floor plans and building maps may be viewed in a Google Earth environment. Furthermore, existing databases can be enhanced with a new utility that allows users to easily draw building envelopes.

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SignalPro v8.2 also includes enhanced visualization of microwave link profiles used in a network deployment. The re-designed multi-link studies engine provides detailed cross-link interference analysis with customizable adaptive modulation parameters in addition to improved report generation, printing options, and link group control. With advanced study types, customizable parameters, intuitive controls and a wide array of display options, SignalPro offers the most versatile microwave link analysis available to RF engineers.

About EDX Wireless
EDX develops wireless network design tools that are among the most widely used engineering software products for designing wireless communication networks, including wireless broadband, utility smartgrid, WiMAX, LTE, Mesh, in-building DAS, WiFi, 2G/3G Cellular, LMR and more.