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SignalPro & Cirrus Platform-August 2023

Aug 1, 2023


  • Wi-Fi Enhancements: Recently we introduced the Wi-Fi Module, covering all the 801.11 standards and features to plan and optimize your Wi-Fi network. To enhance the user experience, we have added Wi-Fi BSSID to all areas to complete a full design and optimization. These being:
    • Area Studies Display & Query Dialog
    • Multipoint Studies and export
    • All Export types [KMZ/KML/SHP/TAB/MIF]
    • Route Studies result graph dialog and export
    • Test Against Measurement
    • Point Query
    • Multipoint Assign Servers
    • Exporting Transmitters to KMZ/KML
    • Study Progress GUI
    • Main Map Window
    • Query CPEs
    • Transmitter Dialog
  • Speed up Mesh Sync functions: In continuation of improving our Mesh solution we have optimized various mesh functions. Users will experience better performance.
  • FFR added to LTE-PRO: Fractional Frequency Reuse (FFR), is “a dynamic interference mitigation scheme“ which allows the use of different frequency reuse factors over different frequency partitions in certain time intervals in downlink and uplink transmissions. This feature has been added to the LTE-PRO module to assist our users with ICIC to reduce interference.
  • Traffic Modeling LTE-PRO & 5G: Currently under Early Access Program (EAP), we have added both LTE-PRO & 5G to the traffic modeling, with service flow including, AM, UM, & TM and extensive selection of service types. This is in EAP mode and will be GA in an upcoming release.  BUG FIXES / OTHER
    • Crash when exporting to KMZ with no study results: When there are no study results and /or system types and user tries to export, there was a crash experienced. We have added an error message for the user and now prevent the crash.
    • Sites always recalculating: It was found that sites were being recalculated whether they were selected or not. Issue was with the antenna heights handling double digits internally. This has been resolved.
    • Project not opening: Reported that a project would not open, the issue were corrupted XML files not the software. No fix required.
    • Topology Report shows “bad” results: This was fixed in past release, but an issue was still present that is now fixed.
    • Leaky coax feature not working in DAS Module: There was an issue with the leaky coax in the DAS module. This is fixed and working as designed. New result shown below.

    • SignalPro launches multiple UsageProc instances: Multiple UsageProcs could be seen while running SignalPro. This was resulting in issues for a few customers. This is fixed and only one is seen as it should.



  • 30-Day Prepaid License Usage Calculation
  • Configuring Sectors in the RAN Node (5G )
  • Configuring Sectors in the RAN Node (LTE-PRO )
  • Error Initializing Traffic Database
  • Map View Study Limit
  • SignalPro Crashing When Opening Project
  • What’s New in SignalPro
  • ITUR-P.528 Model
  • Installing the EDX Software
  • Unable to login/Error message with Cirrus Licensing: “Auth string was empty”
  • How To Use “The EDX Wireless Support Portal”
  • History of the name of EDX Wireless, Inc
  • EDX Software Doesn’t Launch


EDX Wireless is proud to announce new training offerings for our customers. The new trainings we offer are:

  • SignalPro Beginners
  • SignalPro Advanced
  • Mesh Beginners
  • Mesh Advanced
  • LTE & LTE-Pro
  • 5G Module
  • Model Tuning in SignalPro

Please contact your account manager or EDX for more information

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