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Beginning Mesh Course

Rf planning software Training

Learn Mesh…

This is a live, instructor-led training geared toward the new Mesh user. Participants will learn project setup in EDX’s Mesh solution, equipment configuration and how to run studies. Upon completion of the course, engineers will have the ability to use the Mesh Module, understand the features and capabilities available and how to apply those to their own use case. Participants should have a solid understanding of how to use SignalPro before enrolling in this course.

Our SignalPro Beginner Course is an appropriate prerequisite. Learn more about this training and see the schedule here: https://edx.com/edx-foundations/

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Course Syllabus

01| Configure Tx & Rx equipment
02| Street BNA files and poles
  • Using data
  • Service area boundaries
03| Propagation models
  • Choosing the appropriate clutter loss option
04| Define meters
  • Meter type/equipment
  • Locating meters
  • Verification: meter type counts
05| Automatic Router Planning
  • Setup
    • Selecting candidate router locations
    • Small Cell meter cluster sample nodes
    • Setup Mesh studies > setup link propagation for initial sorting
    • Automatically calculate router locations
      • Methods overview
  • Modify and run automatic router
06| Repeaters
  • Manual or automatic
  • Additional repeaters
07| Setup and sort
  • Link propagation
    • Initial sorting
    • Single router calculations
  • Large scale meshing
07| Running studies & display options

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Radio network planning software training

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