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EDX SignalPro 8.5.2 ® / Signal 11.5.2®

Oct 2, 2018

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

EDX SignalPro 8.5.2 ® / Signal 11.5.2® 

New product build – release 22940


  • CPE link profile text updated – Changed the text on the CPE study result Link Profile button from “Show Link To Strongest Server” to “Run Path Profile to 1st Server in Selected Study”.


  • Checking auto grid in define study grid dialog causes error – Resolved an error in the study grid definition dialog that would not allow you to leave the dialog when checking the Auto Grid option.
  • Study query write PDF/TXT always converts study ‘meters’ to ‘feet’ on distribution – Resolved an output issue when writing to PDF/TXT in the Study Query dialog. Two studies have their results in ‘meters’, but the output was always writing ‘feet’ for units even when project was set to Metric.
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