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EDX SignalPro 8.6.5/Signal 11.6.5

Apr 2, 2019

April 2, 2019

EDX SignalPro 8.6.5/Signal 11.6.5

New product build – release 23619


  • SignalPro access to the EDX Tile Selector for Cirrus Data – An option for “EDX Cirrus Data…” is now available under the Databases menu option. This option will either open the EDX Tile Selector or provide a download link so that the Tile Selector can be installed alongside SignalPro for quick access to new Cirrus Data tiles.


  • Project pane scrollbar jumping – Fixed a bug where the sidebar in the project pane would sometimes scroll to the bottom of content after changing the visibility of a study.
  • Corrected file path generation for project location – The spreadsheet sectors editor and antenna pattern viewer were unable to browse files properly due to an extra trailing ‘\’ in the autogenerated file path.
  • Improved input handling for Interference Contour Study – Previously when using FCC-Pt22 the dialog would raise an argument out of range error if the % time was not 10 or 50.
  • Removed doubled margin for FCC propagation model – The FCC propagation model incorrectly allowed an added margin that was being doubled. The FCC propagation model no longer supports adding a margin in the propagation model dialog. To use a margin here, please use the EDX-FCC model instead. Margins are no longer doubled. NOTE: This may result in a change to your study results for existing projects.
  • WiMAX adaptive modulation table now used whenever sector system type is WiMAX – If a sector is configured for the WiMAX system type, studies will now use the WiMAX AMOD table from the WiMAX System Details dialog.
  • Fixed a crash in the CPE study results dialog box – The user could previously get the CPE study results into a state that would crash SignaPro if the “Run Path Profile to 1st Server in Selected Study” option was selected when the first study was above the display threshold.
  • Increased precision in multipoint working files – Results recorded in RXX files (e.g. multipoint) are truncated instead of rounded when they are fetched, this increases the precision of the result and also brings the multipoint studies in-line with the way all other study results are stored. NOTE: This may result in a change to your study results for existing projects.
  • Prevent Terrain Database Error messages from printing multiple times – Previously the user would be prompted multiple times for the same error.
  • Fixed a crash in multipoint studies – Multipoint studies would crash SignalPro if latitude/longitude were outside allowable ranges (e.g., a longidue of -117224971.0)

EARLY ACCESS FEATURES (to enable please contact EDX technical support)

  • Additional Bug Fixes and Enhancements to Early Access Features
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