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EDX SignalPro 9.0.1/Signal 12.0.1

Sep 24, 2019

September 24, 2019

EDX SignalPro 9.0.1/Signal 12.0.1

New product build – release 24161


  • Fixed issues with slow initialization / processing of terrain databases – The most recent releases of SignalPro / Signal were experiencing slowdowns when opening projects when under certain configurations. Workarounds included switching from .201 to PTX data formats and also using a geographic data boundary, but the underlying issues have now been corrected.
  • Multipoint inconsistencies with assigned vs. strong server – Multipoint studies were returning incorrect results when using an assigned server study if there were CPEs in the study that were not assigned to a specific site. Additionally, errors could occasionally be seen when switching back and forth between assigned and strongest server studies.
  • Multipoint study incorrect result with assigned server – Multipoint study results were not consistent with Link Study results in scenarios where the CPE was assigned to a specific server and had a custom antenna pattern because the antenna pattern orientation was not being automatically directed toward the assigned server. The antenna orientation is now adjusted based on the assigned server.
  • DAS projects using Ray Tracing – The software was producing no result when using a ray tracing propagation model for DAS projects.
  • Indoor project crash when materials data out of sync with wall types – The application no longer crashes if there are more wall types than there are material characteristics file entries. Now a descriptive error is shown instead.
  • Fixed a radial-line cache reuse issue – Previously radial-line cache files were being ignored if the project was using English units with a study radius of >= 20mi.
  • Shapefile export with broken attributes table – Corrected an error in the attributes table of Shapefile exports that led to shifted values when loaded into GIS data viewers.
  • Most-likely server shapefile export error – MLS study exports for shapefiles were incorrect, but have now been fixed.
  • Longley-Rice propagation model in multipoint studies – Fixed an error that occurred when using the Longley-Rice propagation model for multipoint studies.
  • AMOD table consistency – AMOD table now includes support for consistent bandwidth levels for both uplink and downlink.
  • Fixed a bug with map layer coloring with “No Symbol” – When selecting “No Symbol” / no color as the display option for a given display level, the previous release would then render an incorrect map layer. Now each level is rendered correctly based on its own display option.
  • Reduced the aggressiveness of study export tiling – With the introduction of larger area studies in SignalPro 9.0.0 / Signal 12.0.0, it became necessary to break up certain export files to a maximum size of 2GB per tile. Unfortunately the tiling algorithm was too aggressive, resulting in a large number of small tiles rather than a small number of large tiles. This has been corrected.
  • Improved the software update UI to avoid unintentional cancelations – The text on the software update dialog previously said “Close Now”, which lead to a large number of unintentionally canceled updates. The button now reads “Cancel Update”.


  • Antenna Pattern Library Updates – SignalPro 9.0.0 increased the per-the-published-spec strictness of our antenna pattern file parsing and as a result some of the older antenna patterns we have distributed in our library or to specific customers can no longer be used. Any customer experiencing this issue is encouraged to email EDX support to request an update to their pattern file. To ensure consistency going forward, EDX will keep the updated version in our global database of pattern files that is tested with every future release.
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