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EDX SignalPro 9.0.2/Signal 12.0.2

Oct 8, 2019

October 8, 2019

EDX SignalPro 9.0.2/Signal 12.0.2

New product build – release 24182


Improvements to the handling and display of clutter height data

  • Elevation contribution from clutter heights more clearly displayed in status bar – The clutter height map layer can be displayed as clutter height only (“clutter ht” in the status bar), or as the sum of both clutter and terrain heights (“clutter + terrain” in the status bar).
  • Source of clutter height data now displayed in status bar – The status bar will now display where clutter height data is sourced from: “.dat” for an attenuation file, “.cht” for a clutter height file, “.bna” for a BNA file, or none if it is indeterminate.
  • Clutter height database management – Clutter height databases are no longer required to be stored in a “heights” subdirectory in the land use database folder. Clutter height files (.cht) can now be stored in the same directory as the land use / clutter files (.gcv). The heights subfolder can still be used and there should be no impact to existing projects.


  • Preventing study crash for very small grids – The Signal Study Engine requires a minimum study grid width of 29 bins, but it was previously possible to create grids smaller than this. Minimum grid size is now checked during study grid edits to ensure that this requirement is met.
  • Cirrus Data tile selection error – The Cirrus Data Tile Selector was throwing an error in some circumstances when selecting data tiles for download due to a lat / long precision rounding error for the tile. This has been corrected.
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