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EDX SignalPro 9.0.3/Signal 12.0.3

Nov 5, 2019

November 5, 2019

EDX SignalPro 9.0.3/Signal 12.0.3

New product build – release 24237


  • Bing Maps licenses now live refresh – In-maintenance customers using the Bing Maps layer require a license key as part of their install. This key is refreshed by EDX occasionally throughout the year, and automatic updates to the Bing Maps key in the installation were inconsistent and previously required the software to be restarted after first launch. The software now checks for an updated license key at each launch and then automatically reloads the Bing Maps layer if an updated license key has been obtained.


  • CPE Type noise/threshold calculation values change after saving dialog – Fixed a bug in the CPE Types dialog that would potentially save an incorrect value for the Receiver Noise if the user had changed between CPE Type tabs.
  • Exporting a subgroup of Sectors to KMZ – When exporting a subgroup of sectors to KMZ from within Map Layers the Sectors were deleted from the list. This has now been corrected.
  • LTE Adaptive Modulation Downlink Data Rate – Fixed a bug where area studies were correctly displaying results for the Adaptive Modulation Downlink Data Rate study, but multipoint studies were considered to be below the result display threshold due to an issue with the scale factor at which the results were stored.
  • Incorrect CPE antenna gain – Fixed an issue where all CPE Types were reusing the antenna gain value from the 1st CPE Type. NOTE: This may result in a change to your study results for existing projects.
  • Randomly inconsistent clutter category at overlapping data tile boundaries – When at the boundary of two clutter database tiles with differing clutter categories covering the same location, the software had a bug where the tile used for the lookup was determined by the last used thread and resulted in random result inconsistencies between study runs. NOTE: This may result in a change to your study results for existing projects.
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