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EDX SignalPro 9.1.0/Signal 12.1.0

Dec 3, 2019

December 3, 2019

EDX SignalPro 9.1.0/Signal 12.1.0

New product build – release 24282


Mesh Module Support for Electric-to-Water / meter-to-meter embedded PMP design constraints – Previously, meter meshing could not be restricted to prevent water / gas meters from connecting directly to the collector / gateway.

  • Adaptive modulation per meter type – The Mesh Network Module now supports adaptive modulation schemes for each meter type in the MegaMesh system. Each modulation scheme can define data rate, receive sensitivity, range, ordering of modulation when making mesh links, and other parameters.
  • MIMO / multi-antenna gains for AMOD sub-types – Within the new adaptive modulation definitions for meters, an independent antenna gain can be applied for each modulation scheme. This enables the modeling of multi-antenna signal processing gains for equipment in a MegaMesh design.
  • Enhanced coverage optimization for leaf nodes – Leaf node connections can now be re-evaluated in a final pass after all repeaters and gateways have been placed, to model best-signal connections regardless of prior mesh hopping as the network was built out in prior iterations.
  • Advanced auto-placement & routing rules
    • Limit range based on parent / child relationship – By separately controlling the maximum range for parent and child relationships among nodes in the mesh network it is possible to create meter types built specifically to be leaf nodes in the system.
    • Limit fanout by parent constraint – It is now possible to have the number of child meters for a given node to contribute to the fanout limitation of its parent. Additionally, this fanout parameter can be set for each modulation scheme of a meter type, thus enabling control over capacity balancing based on the quality of a connection.

Signal Study Engine

  • LTE Studies – All remaining LTE studies have been updated to support the enhanced Signal Study Engine released in SignalPro 9.0.
  • WiMAX Studies – All WiMAX studies have now been updated to support the enhanced Signal Study Engine released in SignalPro 9.0.


  • Duplicated data when importing via spreadsheet editor – Fixed a bug where SignalPro would erroneously create duplicate Sites, Links, or CPEs when importing from CSV into a subgroup when the equipment already existed in the master group.
  • Unable to import very large list of equipment if too many duplicates – Improved the warning dialog that is presented to display the list of duplicate equipment names. Previously this dialog ran out of space and prevented the import of equipment if the list of duplicates became too large.
  • Error when creating a traffic region – Corrected a bug that prevented users from creating a traffic region / .trf file.
  • RF system parameters for reverse links in Link Study – The effective noise bandwidth, system noise figure, adjacent channel rejection, and required C/I in the reverse link of a Link Study Details was not consistent with the configuration in the Tx Site Details. NOTE: This may result in a change to your study results for existing projects.
  • Issue with loading some FCC contour studies – A mismatch in the file read / write was adding commas to 4-digit numbers and then failing when the file was loaded.
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