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FWA Planning with SignalPro

by | Jul 28, 2022

There is a large digital divide between areas with readily available high-speed broadband and underserved markets. With more and more people learning and working from home, there has become an even greater need to be able to serve many consumers across several devices, all needing access to high-speed broadband.

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) has been around for some time, but with a greater need to bridge the divide and the promises of 5G, these applications are on the cusp of becoming more ubiquitous.

With 5G networks operating in up to mmWave bands (24-40GHz), and technologies such as MIMO and Carrier Aggregation used to augment performance in order to meet the demand of consumers on broadband applications across several devices, a thorough network design is necessary.

EDX provides a full solution

Based on industry standards and enhanced with customizable features and automated processes, EDX is built to support 5G FWA networks in any stage of the system life cycle and ensure you meet performance and budgetary requirements.  

EDX’s solution portfolio supports the building of networks for the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund and BDC Filings. 


EDX has a complete 5G design solution based on 3GPP 5GNR standards and ITU-R use cases across low, mid and mmWave bands.

Network Modeling

  • PCI Planning
  • Per site/sector settings
  • Outdoor-to-indoor propagation model
  • Autofrequency planning
  • Channel dimensioning
  • Cell load
  • Frame dimensioning
  • Neighbor planning
  • CQI table
  • TDD submenu and frame definition
  • Backhaul planning
  • UL & DL channel dimensioning capability
  • Adaptive Modulation
  • Subcarrier spacing per frequency band
  • 5G numerology


  • Cell Edge probability
  • Single channel downlink throughput
  • Single channel uplink throughput
  • Maximum aggregated downlink throughput
  • Aggregated Carrier Count
  • Received signal at remote


  • Vendor agnostic support
  • Carrier aggregation analysis
  • MIMO and Massive MIMO

Site Analysis

Many FWA networks are deployed using existing assets. EDX takes a holistic design approach in which different equipment may be modeled per site and sector to determine the most effective configurations. Engineers may import site locations along with particular MIMO, CPE, and other equipment parameters to ensure cost and coverage requirements are met. 

By utilizing SignalPro’s study queries, engineers can determine the percentage of customer base served by each site configuration and to determine the value of each site by number of consumers served and ensure a positive ROI during buildout. 


EDX’s solutions provide tools to analyze network coverage and visualize performance. Technology specific studies can be plotted on maps along with individual path profiles to check links to different CPE types and mounting locations, including those on roofs of businesses and homes. 


With 5G operating in low, mid and high frequencies, including up to mmWave, comes a whole set of new design challenges. With these networks requiring LOS or NLOS, even minor foliage and obstructions can degrade or block a signal. The design of these networks requires the most accurate data available depicting land use, foliage, buildings, and other obstructions to build an accurate model of the service area.

Clutter Height Data

Clutter height data provides a 2.5D depiction of service areas as it provides heights based on sample points in the grid, rather than assigning one height value across an entire clutter category. The result is a detailed database showing height values for all man-made features as well as vegetation in a service area.

3D Data

3D data provides the most accurate representation of a service area as it contains individual building and vegetation polygons depicting heights for each. 

Usage-based licensing

Flexible licensing options allow you to procure EDX’s solutions on a monthly, yearly, prepaid days or perpetual hybrid basis. These options save money over perpetual license purchases and allow you to easily add users for busy seasons, particular projects, or training. You may also add technology modules as needed for particular projects.


  • Monthly or yearly subscriptions
  • Add users and modules as needed

Prepaid Days

  • No limit to the number of concurrent users
  • OPEX expenditure for project-based usage

Perpetual Hybrid

  • Add temporary users as needed to perpetual licenses
  • Scale users and modules based on workload

About EDX

EDX offers the most comprehensive engineering solution in wireless. Our products are used to design 5G, CBRS, IoT, Smart Grid AMI, LTE, Broadband Delivery, in-building DAS and more. The features of the platform contain everything needed to design greenfield networks from the ground up, optimize existing systems, expand networks or migrate from one technology to another. 

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