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Jun 7, 2023


  • WiFi Module; We are pleased to announce our new WiFi Module.

WiFi is one of largest and growing technology globally, according to WiFi Alliance the value expected to grow to nearly $5 trillion by 2025

WiFi is key to bridging the digital divide in developing countries, providing free internet access to reducing the social economic difference between groups and globally

With Wifi continuing to evolve the technology drives to meet the user demands and quality

To provide the industry & our customers with the best solution for all their WiFi planning needs, we have introduced the WiFi Module. This modules comes with the feature sets to model, plan and optimize any WiFi network globally

The feature sets include;

  • New WiFi system type dialog
  • Support of all 802.11 versions
  • WiFi to TX system details
  • WiFi Studies
  • Neighbor Planning
  • Traffic Modeling
  • BSSID Identification
  • Access point placement
  • Automatic Frequency planning
  • Supporting all Propagation models
  • Indoor support
  • WiFi Cell Edge & BDC
  • Extra diagnostics for licensing & login troubleshooting; To improve our customer experience we have added new diagnostics to the solution set. This will allow a fast method for EDX Wireless to troubleshoot any issues from licensing & login.
  • Pause session checking while running a study; To ensuring our customer do not lose their work and studies during an internet connection loss, we have added new enhancements to ensure there is no interruption in the work/studies being run on the customer machine.


  • Building Editor – default project setting for mat char file doesn’t persist when importing a building/floors through dwg, this has been fixed
  • Logging in to EDX SignalPro ERROR: Session and license issue, this has been resolved.
  • Difference in Mesh studies; Unassigned and zero server count in Topology report difference noted, this has been resolved
  • Multi-user VM failure; Error seen with simultaneous multi users, this has been resolved
  • Template does not properly handle Adaptive Modulation Table: This has been resolved 



  • New TTA Gain Switch
  • Automated Router Selection Error
  • Mapview Study Limit
  • Error Initializing Traffic Database
  • WiFi Module, how to


EDX Wireless is proud to announce new training offerings for our customers. The new trainings we offer are;

  • SignalPro Beginners
  • SignalPro Advanced
  • Mesh Beginners
  • Mesh Advanced
  • LTE & LTE-Pro
  • 5G Module
  • Model Tuning in SignalPro

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