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SignalPro & Cirrus Platform (May 2022)

May 3, 2022


Cirrus Cloud, Additional Studies; New 5G and LTE Studies have been added to the cloud engine. Helping our users plan their large networks faster and within a single system

At EDX we strive to continually assist various private networks operators, telcos and others with the expansion of 5G networks globally.

MegaMesh Distances to Routers Enhancements; In enhancing Mesh network design a new feature is added to view the distances from meters to routers. Providing the user, information to plan effectively and plan for contingencies

MegaMesh Bridge Repeater Enhancements;- Bridge repeater snaps were too large and causing issues with planning. An enhancement has been added to cater for the user and provide a better user experience. User can now change symbol, size and color

Memory usage in Mesh Topology Optimized; The memory used by the Mesh topology has been optimized. Such that running large to very large projects will use less memory comparably with latter versions of Mesh


  • New repeater placement fails for special cases; New Repeaters placement were failing for smart lighting use cases, this is now fixed.
  • Uplink Percent Lognormal Reliability Study anomaly; It was found that when running the study, uplink plots was effected when the TX power was changed, this is now resolved
  • Link Study error for antennas that are not pointing towards each other; The link study GUI is not using the values defined in the Link Details, this is now resolved


  • Signal is now end of life, please contact sales for further information



The following articles have been published to the Customer Support portal this month:

  • SignalPro High Level Architecture
  • New LTE-PRO features
  • mega mesh topology report: run serial feature
  • Known issues with multipoint studies
  • How to use the study exporter
  • how to use the per sector study feature
  • No Data (bad code) & terrain error -1


EDX Wireless is proud to announce new training offerings for our customers. The new trainings we offer are;

  • SignalPro Beginners
  • SignalPro Advanced
  • Mesh Beginners
  • Mesh Advanced
  • LTE & LTE-Pro
  • 5G Module
  • Model Tuning in SignalPro

Please contact your account manager or EDX for more information

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