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SignalPro/ Signal & The Cirrus Platform (May 2021)

May 6, 2021

New product build – Release 24852


  • 5G TDD Sub Menu: In continuing the support of 5G NR, a new TDD sub menu has been added to system parameters. This will allow users to define the TDD frame structure for Pattern 1 and Pattern 2, as per 3GPP 38.213. With the ability to switch pattern 2 on or off, providing flexibility and mirroring the exact network configuration.

This will enable the customer flexibility to set the defined parameters for the frame structure or directly add the slot configuration for the patterns.

Users are also able to create or bring in the configuration files for their 5G NR TDD slot settings in the GUI and are able to save changes for all other relevant projects

  • CQI Tables: The new CQI tables now contain 64 entries for both LTE and 5G. These tables now come with the modulation efficiency metric*, MCS name, SINR and PA power Backoff. Which can now be edited as per user or vendor requirements.*Note: Modulation efficiency is expressed in bps/Hz and not Mbps as it is in the WiMAX modulation tables. Modulation region may be assigned QPSK, 16QAM, 64 QAM, and 256 QAM.

Important; For LTE Changes and reverting to previous modulations see this article


  • Nationwide 10m Study: The Cirrus Engine completes a 10m nationwide study for over 122k transmitters. The Cirrus Engine was able to turn the study around in a very short time frame that is novel in the industry today.
  • Support Portal Access to help articles and videos: The Support portal has an option to access the suite of help articles, videos and technology primers. This can be accessed through the portal once a user logs in via the EDX wireless Website.


  • Predictions Skewed with Land Use Clutter Data for Point Spacing less than a Meter: Predictions were appearing offset from the actual clutter but specifically only in cases where the study point spacing is set to a extremely high resolution specifically on the order of 1 meter resolution. This is now resolved
  • Issues with saving project, losing new map view: The Views issue was fixed, hence resolving this issue
  • LTE throughput results not reflected in profile: The issue was a mismatch in the GUI this is now resolved
  • Issue with Hata Model at high elevation: A 1dm error was found in the model this is now resolved
  • Inconsistencies in IOT-autoplacement: There were inconsistencies on how the IOT -autoplacement was performing costs, sample pts and persistence issues, this has now been optimized

EARLY ACCESS FEATURES (to enable please contact EDX technical support)

  • Cirrus Platform-The new platform provides sophisticated cloud computing for a highly scalable, elastic and significantly faster experience than that of traditional desktop applications. The platform provides many features for streamlining and optimization network designs such as the “replay” function, allowing many studies with different settings simultaneously as well as the ability to compute large regions in a single run, eliminating the need to reset study grids and run multiple studies for one service area.  
  • Map Download & Sync-This new feature is a lightweight interactive map enabling users to select the region/area of interest inside of SignalPro and automatically download terrain/clutter data from our geospatial hosting service. Save time by no longer having to source, download or convert data from a third party application.
  • Clutter Attenuation Files – New attenuation files provided with the Cirrus data service provides values for urban, suburban and rural areas with average heights across these various service areas.  This provides a higher level of detail and saves engineering time spent on the backend tuning height values for clutter categories.
  • Uplink Study Reverse Value; The Link study has been enhanced to provide the uplink reverse value in the link study dialog & GUI. This has been fixed to show the reverse pathloss with the correct starting point.
  • Height option added for terrain + Clutter height to mobile/remote; A height option for Terrain + Clutter Height to mobile/remote, CPE has been added so that LOS studies can be run to rooftops. The covers the instance when the only ‘building’ information is in the clutter data. This is scheduled to be fixed in 2 phases. This first phase is the fix in the study and the second fix will be fixing the GUI to match the results



The following articles have been published to the Customer Support portal this month:

  • How to start a new project – Video
  • Creating and using clutter data from satellite imagery
  • Creating and using building polygon data from satellite imagery
  • How to add or register a COM object in Signal Pro
  • Bringing Geographic files into SignalPro
  • Testing Connectivity to Various EDX Services
  • Automated Router Planning in Mesh
  • Installing The EDX Software Video
  • LORA Module in SignalPro
  • LTE CQI Table Changes
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