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SignalPro & The Cirrus Platform (Feb 2022)

Feb 1, 2022


  • 5G & LTE-PRO Channels: In providing the best RF planning solutions, the 5G & LTE-PRO module is further enhanced with UL & DL channel dimensioning capabilities. This allows to the user to add overhead and load conditions to the channels for any sector. The vendor link budget is easily adaptable along with any traffic modeling for capacity planning.

The channels are easily added to SignalPro from the RAN NODE or directly into SignalPro. Hence providing user flexibility in adding bulk information from existing projects/link budgets

  • LTE-PRO Studies; Addition of new studies for the new LTE-PRO Module. This will allow the users to run studies for RSSI, RSRQ, RSRP for LTE-PRO.
  • Novus Project sharing; Novus, allows users to share projects amongst their organization within the EDX Cloud Platform . Providing visibility to targeted users & admins. Ensuring project validation and audits
  • Project locking to user; Projects in the cloud can be locked for users and master projects for final submissions. This provides a seamless workflow for organizations that commit final projects submissions for a master project
  • Cloud hosting projects; EDX cloud host user projects in the cloud. Thus providing any type of organization the ability to share projects, store projects for any period of time and offload to the cloud.
  • Map data. Mumbai, Beijing and Rome Terrain and Clutter Added; This map data is now available in the tile selector for all our users to access. Please see your account representative or support for more information


  • LTE FFR Zones study error; The study was causing an error. This was due to the study used without traffic dimensioning. It now works without traffic if required by the user with a workaround
  • Display problems import cells GUI in Mesh; It was found with low resolution some dialogues in the mesh solution were not displaying correctly, this is now fixed
  • Crash with “Set to Best Native Database Resolution”; This was seen with map sync feature, this is now fixed
  • What happens in Fortran when running Test Against Measurement- A question not an issue, the answer is that the propagation model highlighted in the propagation model GUI is used not the one in the TX GUII
  • Cancelling a PCI run does not cancel the PCI process; This is now fixed and the cancel works as expected



The following articles have been published to the Customer Support portal this month:

  • 30 day license usage calculation
  • log4j
  • Cirrus license and unstable internet
  • Q&A
  • Mesh project changes resulting in odd study results
  • Tile Selector – High Latitude Terrain
  • Costs in Mesh
  • LTE Basics 
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