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SignalPro & The Cirrus Platform (Jan 2022)

Jan 4, 2022

Release 25057


  • Mega-Mesh New Cost Analysis Feature: To better plan your Mesh Networks a new cost analysis algorithm has been added to the solution. This allows the user to view the cost of the network (new or existing). Taking in to account cost per router, sector, meter types, etc. Providing the best network plan option for cost and coverage
  • Bing & legend toggle in Neighbor Planning Map; To enhance neighbor planning, a visual portion has been added to the neighbor planning GUI. This presents the user with a Bing map in which they are able to view the sectors and neighbor relations in an interactive manner
  • PCI Bulk import of “locked PCIs”; Feature has been added for the user to import bulk PCI values to the PCI planning GUI.
  • Tile Selector, 2020 Census Block data available for download; The 2020 Census Block Data can be downloaded from tile selector. For access to use tile selector please contact sales or support
  • LTE-PRO studies included in the Multipoint Study; In expanding the LTE-PRO offering the studies are now included with multipoint studies for your planning needs.
  • Add 30m world and hybrid attenuation file to installer; With the 30m World data an attenuation file corresponding to the world clutter will added to the installer for users to use and adjust as required. For more information on the 30m world data please contact sales or support
  • Expiry date (subscription) added to SignalPro “About” menu; A new entry has been added to the about menu to notify users of their subscription expiry date.


  • Crash Using “Point Query at Reference Cursor”; The “Point Query at Reference Cursor” was crashing the application for particular steps, this is now fixed
  • Graphical Error display when using calculation method Direct to Grid; When performing a basic area study using the Direct to Grid method, an error was seen, this has been fixed
  • Microwave Path Error Message; An error was presented when modeling microwave paths, this was cleared with editing the obstacle data found in the obstacle list
  • Issue with measurement file format; Following the steps Studies>Propagation Models>Tune pass-through loss, editing the measurement file was causing an error, this is now fixed


  • Signal is now end of life, please contact sales for further information



The following articles have been published to the Customer Support portal this month:

  • How To Create Poles Along A Route Using A KML File
  • Utilizing 3-Dimensional Antenna Pattern Files
  • Issues that can occur between Terrain and Sites
  • Propagation Model tuning in Signal Pro
  • Multipoint and Area Study results not matching up
  • EDX Wireless Shortcut Keys
  • How To Hide Site Locations On The Map
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