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SignalPro/ Signal & The Cirrus Platform (December 2021)

Dec 7, 2021

New product build – Release 25030


  • Addition of Studies to Cirrus Engine: The Cirrus Study Engine is continuously optimized and enhanced for the industry. The Current updates include import of all propagation models, equipment types, LTE & 5G studies for RSRP, SS-RSRP, Interference, DL & UL throughput. These studies can be run on large geographical areas with no limitation on transmitters. Ideal for large nationwide FCC submissions, MNO operations and any other RF operation for large studies.
  • Novus Application Enhancement; Novus, our latest product that is directly connected to the cirrus platform. Allowing users to launch their projects to the cloud leveraging the study engine and project consolidation. A user dashboard and exporting capabilities are now available, thus allowing the users to upload any project and view them on a custom dashboard.
  • Neighbor Planning & PCI Enhancements; In the last few releases we have built new enhanced Neighbor and PCI planning for LTE-PRO and 5G. In continuing these efforts other enhancements have been added to the following;
    • Spread-Sheet Editor; Entry for PCI, PSS, SSS and Neighbor Relations are available
    • RF Systems; Addition of PCI and Neighbors to the Transmitter/Base/Hub/Router Site Details. Users are able to add/edit at sector level   
Wireless planning Software
  • Repeater-placement calculations compatible with modulation layers; The Repeater placements have been enhanced to work with active modulation layers. This feature includes the following;
    • To work with all projects that are using just the master-list or with modulation layers or both
    • The revised algorithm will return a faster and the most optimal result.
    • A switch is provide to speedup the calculations when there is fanout.
  • CPE/mobile power; To cater for vendor equipment the CPE & Mobile power have had limitations lifted to cater for very low or very high power requirements
  • Antenna conversion tool enhancement; Enhanced further to convert different Atoll pattern files to .pat files


  • Sector Assignment Channel Planning error; After assigning servers for the CPE’s an error was seen whilst running the study. This is fixed
  • Spreadsheet Editors – Link filtering Error; An error was seen when running a filtering query in the spreadsheet Editors. This is fixed
  • WiMAX Uplink Throughput producing 0 Mbps on every CPE; This was due to the setting that was added to the GUI for for Uplink interference of 0 dBmW which is 1 mW at point of receiver. Default value should be set by user
  • Multipoint Planning Crash; It was found that due to a mix assigned and unassigned CPE the study was crashing, this has now been fixed
  • RAN Node Template Error; It was found that when the PCI value was left blank in the RAN Node, the validation would present an error. This is fixed


  • 30m Global Data Attenuation File; The 30m global world data attenuation file needs to be added to SignalPro if you are using this data. Please contact support for the attenuation file



The following articles have been published to the Customer Support portal this month:

  • Map Sync
  • Limitations for Windows Display Settings when using SignalPro
  • PCI Planning
  • Clutter Code Naming Conventions 
  • Antenna Pattern Conversion: .ADF to EDX.PAT 
  • Clutter Loss Options 
  • How to export study results out of SignalPro and into Google Earth 
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