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SignalPro/ Signal & The Cirrus Platform (November 2021)

Nov 2, 2021

New product build – Release 72501


  • Neighbor Planning; A new and improved Neighbor Planning functionality has been released for 5G and LTE-PRO. This includes a new algorithm that returns an optimal neighbor plan for all planning scenarios

The Neighbor plan for each individual sector can be imported into the network via the RAN Node hence emulating the pre-existing network to be modeling within SignalPro.

The RAN Node allows the user to add any blacklisted neighbors that will be used in when further planning is required

RAN Node

The Neighbor plan GUI allows the RF Engineer to design their entire network with user defined parameters for the most optimal neighbor plan for intra or inter frequency

Allowing the user to lock and unlock any sector group for neighbor planning, use cases such as, new site roll out, neighbor optimizations or candidates

 The neighbor plan study presents the several tiers of neighbors per sector. Making it easy to view the neighbors, missing neighbors and nth neighbor

  • PCI PSS & SSS Parameters; To allow users more clarity of the PCI plan, for 5G and LTE-Pro networks. New fields have been added to the RAN Node workbook, where the user can define the PSS & SSS for each sector
  • Technology Type Re-Ordered; To enhance user experience the technology type has been re-ordered in the transmitter/base/hub/router site details. Along with this the Spreadsheet editor has also been enhanced with the new re-ordering
  • Cirrus Platform Replay Enhancements; The Cloud Platform for RF engineers is further enhanced for handling the replay functionality, used for candidate and what if scenarios. SignalPro users are able to access the platform to run the studies which not only returns the result in a faster time but but triggers the replay functionality to perform repeat analysis efficiently 


  • LTE-PRO Channel Plan Error; There was an error running studies for LTE-PRO, where the system would ask for a channel plan even if one was added. This has been fixed
  • MEA file format error when using Tune Pass-Through function; A discrepancy was found between measurements, this has been fixed
  • MSI Planet terrain and clutter data using NZG2000 Datum; A large skew of of the map layer was seen between the terrain and clutter layers. Support has been added for the New Zealand MSI Projection
  • Measurement Analyses Issues; It was seen that the Mean and Standard deviation calculations of the Tune pass-though loss vs Test Against Measurement were different, this has been fixed
  • Map Sync: Database Dialog Issues; Issue was found with the Land Use Database dialog which did not allow a forward slash. Also the dialog would not allow spaces at the beginning or end of the directory. This is now fixed



The following articles have been published to the Customer Support portal this month:

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  • How to Create .GCV Clutter Files using EDXCV
  • Map Sync
  • MIMO Power settings in SignalPro
  • How To Exclude An Area From A Study
  • Tiles Selector Error Message When Trying to Download Cirrus Data
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