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SignalPro/ Signal & The Cirrus Platform (October 2021)

Oct 5, 2021

  • New product build – Release 24986


  • PCI Planning; EDX Wireless is proud to announce their new enhanced PCI Planning for 5G and LTE-PRO. Built with sophisticated algorithm, it is ready for any optimization and planning scenario. PCIs can be imported into the network via the RAN Node allowing pre-existing plans to be modeling within SignalPro. The PCI Plan allows users to design their entire network with user defined parameters for the best plan possible such as neighbors, coverage, Mod 3 or 4, distance, re-use distance, groups and restricted lists, allowing RF engineers to reserve any PSS & SSS groups or sets for traffic growth.
  • Map Data; We have enhanced our Map Sync offering with Cirrus Hybrid and 30m Global Data ready for use in any project.
  • Cirrus Platform API; EDX Wireless has provided API access to its proven RF modeling engine, backed by high-resolution geodata on a cloud-based server. EDX’s cloud-based software operates as part of the Network Planning and Design center for the Digital Twin, storing all the details on network assets, current configuration, and optimization parameters. The AI engine within the Digital Twin leverages EDX’s API to accurately predict how changes in the network will alter network coverage and capacity under a wide variety of scenarios. The AI engine can actively query the EDX server and use those predictions to choose which optimization steps should be taken to optimize the network on the fly as conditions change. Follow link for more information of the catalyst Connected Digital Twin for IoT – EDX Wireless
  • Cirrus Platform; The new platform provides sophisticated cloud computing for a highly scalable, elastic and significantly faster experience than that of traditional desktop applications. The platform provides many features for streamlining and optimizing network designs such as the “replay” function, allowing many studies with different settings simultaneously as well as the ability to compute large regions in a single run, eliminating the need to reset study grids and run multiple studies for one service area. 


  • Transmitter study work files regeneration; The transmitter study work files were regenerated each time the study was run regardless if changes were not made OR if  “Always re-calculate work files” was not checked. This is now fixed.
  • Error with Service Area Boundary; It was reported that when selecting “Service Area Boundary” under the “Draw” menu an error was presented to the user, which eventually forced the user to restart the application. This is now fixed.



The following articles have been published to the Customer Support portal this month:

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