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SignalPro/ Signal & The Cirrus Platform (September 2021)

Aug 31, 2021


  • Mesh Leaf Node Planning Enhancements; The Mesh Leaf Node Planning has been optimized to return faster results. This will include special caching and sorting techniques. Further there are options to “Optimize Coverage with Best Signal for Leaf Nodes”, with entries for
    • “Max Signal for Capacity Balancing” ratio
    • “Max Parent Candidates per Leaf Node”
  • These should be set to focus the planning, to ultimately assist in faster results
  • Multilink EIRP; The multilink study EIRP is always reported as Max EIRP, which is pointing towards the link end. An enhancement was added to also include a value for when it’s pointing away from the link end.
  • Welcome webpage when installing SignalPro; To Improve user experience a new welcome page has been added to the installer. This new page will have links, videos and other details to assist our users with getting started


  • Router view repeater placement calculations makes inconsistent use of MTO(meter Type owner); Inconsistencies were seen with the preview of the new meters connections due to different MTO’s required for the forward and backward links, this is now resolved
  • Mesh, Unconnected Points; It was seen that the unconnected points were not showing up in running the individual router; this is now fixed
  • Repeater and meters at same lat/long produce inconsistent result; Using a repeaters file with same points as the meter and snap-on or repeater placement was causing inconsistent results, this is now resolved
  • Bug with Summary Report in MegaMesh; There was a mismatch with the number of initialize routers the summary report and when “run all” is initiated in the Mesh stats, this is resolved
  • ESIM model %time and %location variables do not affect the propagation results; It was reported that some propagation models were not adhering to the changes in %time & %location. The reason for this is that the parameters did not correspond to the models in question. These parameters have been greyed out for all models that do not use them to avoid confusion
  • Error Occurs with Auto Tune feature in Test Against Measurement; It was found this error was occurring due to a mathematical notation, this is now fixed

EARLY ACCESS FEATURES (to enable please contact EDX technical support)

  • Cirrus Platform-The new platform provides sophisticated cloud computing for a highly scalable, elastic and significantly faster experience than that of traditional desktop applications. The platform provides many features for streamlining and optimization network designs such as the “replay” function, allowing many studies with different settings simultaneously as well as the ability to compute large regions in a single run, eliminating the need to reset study grids and run multiple studies for one service area.  . 



The following articles have been published to the Customer Support portal this month:

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