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The Business of Wireless Design

by | May 11, 2022

Wireless network design is an integral part of the overall business of consultancies, system integrators and operators. By improving and streamlining our wireless network design processes, we are improving our bottom line.

EDX puts a particular focus on your business bottom line by providing solutions to streamline your processes, retain customers, respond to and win more RFPs, and save time and money,

Between affordable, project based licensing, subscription data and features that automate complex design challenges, our solutions have proven to provide an immediate return on investment:

90% Savings on IT Spend

Cloud licensing reduces the hardware your organization needs to purchase. In addition, onboarding costs are drastically cut with temporary licensing giving you the ability to commit to IT spends only after a new engineer becomes productive. 

30% Productivity Improvement

With no limit on study grid points or size, you can run one study for any service area using high-res data. This “set and forget it” method greatly improves efficiency over having to continually reset study grids, run multiple studies and stitch together maps. 

25% Engineering Time/Cost Savings

Working with low-quality databases requires manual manipulation. On average, you can expect to spend 15 minutes per site carving land use in addition to the time spent converting; which adds up to a lot of wasted engineering money. The low cost of high-res data eliminates manual work and saves you money.

10x More Efficient Determining Site Locations

When determining site locations, legacy design methodology would be running coverage studies for each candidate location. For large networks, this could mean thousands of potential sites.  Our automated processes run all these calculations automatically, freeing up your time. 

$200,000 Annual cost Savings

(when going from installing 3-4 radios per day to 10-12)

A proper design plan along with accurate coverage maps streamline deployments and greatly improve install efficiency. The more hardware you can install, the more money you save on engineering costs as well as the more jobs you can complete, improving your bottom line. 

About EDX

EDX Wireless provides instant access to a full suite of network planning solutions. 

Our all-in-one cloud-based software provides instant access to all the tools needed for wireless design, maximizing productivity and providing first-rate service to your customers. 

Our solutions ensure networks meet performance and cost requirements for 5G, LTE, IoT, mmWave, CBRS, Smart Grid, Distribution Automation, in-building DAS and more. 

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