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EDX Training Provides:

  • ZProject and deliverable consultations
  • ZRF Health Checks
  • ZConsultations with industry experts
  • ZTechnology-specific courses
  • ZCustom training
  • ZOptions beginning at $100

Instructor-Led Courses

EDX SignalPro Fundamentals

The Fundamentals course is designed to give new users a solid understanding of EDX Signal/SignalPro. By the end of the course a user will be able to create projects and project templates, import and manage radio equipment, choose appropriate propagation mode settings, run studies, and query/export study information.

The user will also be able to dissect a typical RFP and understand how EDX software can be used to respond to RFPs in a timely manner.

Custom Training & Consulting

Custom Training Design

Are you looking for training on a specific function or system design type or more advanced training that goes beyond the course offering? Learn about how custom training can take your engineering team to the next level.