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EDX SignalPro 8.6.1® / Signal 11.6.1®

Dec 4, 2018

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

EDX SignalPro 8.6.1® / Signal 11.6.1® 

New product build – release 23108


  • NaN result when running Test Against Measurements with Longley Rice propagation model – Resolved an issue where using the Test Against Measurements feature would occasionally produce an erroneous result.
  • Fixed issue with displayed building height – Previously the program would display building height values in the status bar when the cursor was not hovering directly over the building.
  • CPE antenna height changes force recalculation – Fixed an issue where changing the antenna height of a CPE would not force a recalculation of multi-point auto-assignment or multipoint study results. Results are now recalculated for any CPE antenna height change.
  • LTE/WiMAX stochastics and LTE Monte Carlo studies – An error in the stochastic calculations prevented study results from being produced.
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