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EDX SignalPro 9.1.4/Signal 12.1.4

Apr 7, 2020

April 7th, 2020

EDX SignalPro 9.1.4/Signal 12.1.4

New product build – release 24445


  • Importing Sites from Google Earth – This feature provides capability to export sites and polygons (such as service boundary areas), from Google earth address lookup into Signal/SignalPro.
  • Shortcut key [Enter] for Study Grid – To improve user experience a shortcut has been provided for closing the study grid 


  • Tile Selector Service not connecting– The tile selector config files and port number have been edited, resolving the issue.
  • Terrain Files not projected correctly – .201. terrain files were causing a misalignment on the map GUI. This has been corrected. NOTE:  This was a GUI issue only and did not affect the study results.
  • Unable to open Windows File Browser – An issue was found on Signal v12.1.3 that was preventing windows browsers to open from within Signal, this has been resolved
  • Signal Pro Fails to open with OLE Error – A bug was identified causing an OLE error, this has now resolved.

EARLY ACCESS FEATURES (to enable please contact EDX technical support)

  • Addition of ID column in CSV for Area Studies by Query feature –An optional column to define the ID of sites is now available.


Articles Updated/Completed;

  • Updating the Bing Maps User Key
  • Reverting to a Previous Software Version


  • New “How-to videos” will be available later this month
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