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EDX SignalPro 9.2.1/Signal 12.2.1

Jun 2, 2020

June 2nd, 2020

EDX SignalPro 9.2.1/Signal 12.2.1

New product build – release 24462


  • High resolution .kml layers cause slowdown in map re-draw- An enhancement has been implemented that has improved the performance of the map re-draw for high resolution .kml layer


  • Best Server SHP output is incorrect –The SHP output is now displaying the best server with the full alphanumeric ID
  • C/I using non-interfering repeater shows interference- The non-interfering repeater is now behaving as it should.
  • MeterTypes.csv file not being automatically copied into the MODDIR folder in new MegaMesh tool- This has now been fixed and the original files are now being imported and the user is able to use these as desired
  • CPE’s with Serial Numbers (ID’s) greater than 16 character not caught- Resolved an issue where a CPE ID with more than 16 characters was allowed to be imported into the product.
  • Multipoint Study showing same sector- This bug has been fixed the appropriate CPE’s are associated with the logical sectors
  • Point query at map marker error “Unable to perform point query” when using GOR- The GOR option has now been added to the Point Query.
  • Direct-to-Grid C# always re-calcs each GRX file- This bug has been fixed and the GRX file is not re-calculated each time



The following articles have been published to the Customer Support portal this month:

  • Creating Measurement/Drive Test Files for EDX
  • Batch Converting Antenna Pattern Files
  • Updating Customer Cirrus Data Entitlement
  • Preventing Equipment CSV Import Issues
  • Exception has been thrown by a target of an invocation
  • Installation error – Error 1722
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