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EDX SignalPro July, 2021 Release

by | Jul 6, 2021

Eugene, OR. July 6, 2021

EDX Wireless, the leading provider of wireless network design software solutions, is proud to announce the July release of SignalPro. This release builds upon EDX’s 5G offering by adding a number of features focused on user flexibility to support any vendor’s equipment in all use cases.  In addition, this release offers support for Carrier Aggregation in which real network conditions can be emulated and performance compared among various devices. 

5G networks can be thoroughly analyzed and designed using the updated CQI table that allows for custom entries for any vendor’s equipment and accounting for any updates to their specifications. The July release of SignalPro also contains an outdoor-to-indoor model for 5G networks that allows users to model building materials and their RF parameters. In addition, the new 5G network in this release includes a workbook in RAN NODE allowing for per site/sector settings to easily plan for different scenarios and deployment cases.

The release also offers full support for Carrier Aggregation. Engineers can model the gNodeB, cells and UEs with the CA combos as per operator or vendor specifications. New studies provide Carrier Aggregation coverage and throughput for each UE to determine the right conditions for higher data rates.

“With operators looking to utilize all their spectrum across low, mid and high bands as well as improve the experience for their end users, carrier aggregation is becoming necessary in the planning of wireless networks,” said Anoop Bowdery, Director of Product for EDX Wireless.  “We are excited to be able to offer our customers a complete and flexible 5G planning solution.”

In addition to the 5G studies of the SignalPro July release, there is also the new Per-Sector Studies feature, providing a dynamic and visual experience in analyzing and comparing study results and coverage on a per-sector basis. This feature saves engineers time by giving them the ability to run a study for all sectors at once, then choose which to display, as opposed to having to run individual studies for all sectors. Engineers may import a meter file to determine the meters covered per sector as well as configure map windows to compare results for various sectors across multiple studies. Rounding out this feature is the export capability in which results can be exported to .kmz and coverage viewed in Google Earth on a per-sector basis.

Read the entire set of release notes here: https://edx.com/signalpro-signal-the-cirrus-platform-july-2021/

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