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Trilliant Selects EDX

by | Jan 31, 2022

EDX solutions help Trilliant intelligently design multi-tiered networks

Trilliant offers a unique multi-tiered mesh network solution that supports a wide variety of use-cases including utility Smart Metering and Smart Grid, Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), and Smart Cities applications. Trilliant has worked with leading utilities and energy retailers around the world who collectively serve more than 85 million homes and businesses, ranging in size from the largest utilities to the smallest municipalities and cities. 

Trilliant’s solution is flexible enough to support many types of end-points including electric and gas meters, street lights, and fault circuit indicators, each with their own unique characteristics and challenges. With so many different applications, Smart Cities networks have become more complex than ever, creating challenges both in network planning and in equipment management. To support these different applications and their needs, the Trilliant solution utilizes a multi-tiered network with two levels: Wide-Area Networks and Neighborhood Area Networks. One unique aspect of this solution is that they offer both network tiers within a single device, simplifying equipment management and enabling all layers of the network to interoperate seamlessly.

Utility and Smart Cities customers have become increasingly sophisticated along with their networks. RFPs for a network solution often require much more detailed planning information than ever before. Customers have a much better understanding of mesh networks, and before a network design is accepted, they expect to see details on predicted hop counts, link quality, redundancy and failover, and any single points of failure in the network. To meet these requirements and ensure a successful network deployment, Trilliant uses EDX SignalPro with the Mesh Network Module.

EDX’s Mesh Network Module is a proven leader for AMI and Distribution network design and offers a sophisticated set of features to support multi-tiered broadband mesh network planning.

Trilliant is able to leverage SignalPro and the MegaMesh tool to intelligently design their multi-tiered network solution and provide their customers with detailed data on expected hop counts, link qualities, redundancy, etc. Network planning can be completed more quickly and efficiently since the MegaMesh tool is designed to be scalable up to the level of millions of end-points within a project. 

“EDX’s tools have proved to be a valuable asset to our team’s planning process,” says Jason Buydens, Director of Network Deployment at Trilliant. “We save time and can provide more clarity and details into how our networks will operate and provide more confidence in our designs, enabling network planning to happen in a more efficient manner.”

About EDX

EDX Wireless provides instant access to a full suite of network planning solutions.

Our all-in-one cloud-based software provides instant access to all the tools needed for wireless design, maximizing productivity and providing first-rate service to your customers.

Our solutions ensure networks meet performance and cost requirements for 5G, LTE, IoT, mmWave, CBRS, Smart Grid, Distribution Automation, in-building DAS and more.

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