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EDX SignalPro/Signal & The Cirrus Platform

Nov 4, 2020

November 4th , 2020

EDX SignalPro/Signal & The Cirrus Platform

New product build – Release


  • 2D Ray Tracing- Introducing a new 2D Ray Tracing propagation model that has replaced the old 2D ray tracing propagation model. This new model comes with optimized calculations, a multiple caching system to avoid re-computation of diffractions, designed to scale to any size building model without slowing performance and an interactive “show live rays” within the map


  • TX sectors duplicated- It was found that adding an abnormal character was causing duplication of TX sectors.
  • Smart Grid Meters layer throwing ‘bad null model params’ error- This error was seen when using the map layers, it was not affecting studies, just user experience . This has been resolved.
  • Typos in the Mesh Module – Various small typos in the mesh module have been corrected
  • Sites with power above threshold – Discrepancy was noted in area studies between v8.4 and v9.2. After investigation it was found that v8.4 had an issue with the display threshold that was fixed by v9.2
  • Mesh Module end devices not seen – The end devices in the mesh module were not all seen in the display, this was fixed by using the fast drawing symbols in meter type symbols

EARLY ACCESS FEATURES (to enable please contact EDX technical support or your account manager)

  • Cirrus Platform-This new platform provides sophisticated cloud compute capabilities. It is highly scalable, elastic and comparably faster than traditional desktop applications. Bringing with it functionalities such as “re-play”, to replay all different study settings for optimization and multi-study runs, allowing simultaneous studies at once. Also the capability to compute large geographical areas in a single study run
  • Map Download & Sync- This new map downloading feature is a lightweight interactive map. This enables the user to select the region/area of interest inside of SignalPro and automatically download terrain/clutter data from our geospatial hosting service.
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