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EDX SignalPro/Signal & The Cirrus Platform

Oct 6, 2020

October 6th , 2020

EDX SignalPro/Signal & The Cirrus Platform

New product build – Release


Major Release – Cirrus Platform

  • Cirrus Platform*- The new and exciting Cirrus Platform is here! This new platform provides sophisticated cloud compute capabilities. It is highly scalable, elastic and comparably faster than traditional desktop applications. Bringing with it functionalities such as “re-play”, to replay all different study settings for optimization and multi-study runs, allowing simultaneous studies at once. Also the capability to compute large geographical areas in a single study run
  • Map Download & Sync*- This new map downloading feature is a lightweight interactive map. This enables the user to select the region/area of interest inside of SignalPro and automatically download from our geospatial hosting service.
  • Login- A new welcome login feature has been introduced allowing the user to easily access which license they are entitled to. This addition provides flexible upgrades and changes. This comes with added security and authentication services, assuring user integrity.
  • Mass point query feature request –This feature will provide customers with the ability to query area study results by location. User is able to import a CSV file with Long, Lat, and Name for each of the subscriber locations. This new option in SignalPro is under “Area study queries by point”.
  • Terrain/Clutter/Building memory dialog – Currently users must manually edit the EDX.INI file for database memory usage, a new GUI has been created to handle the memory usage of the 3 databases, these being;  
    • Terrain
    • Clutter
    • Building

Users have the option to use the “Auto” option or still manually define the usage allowed. This feature was in EAP but now is in general release

*Currently this is in EARLY ACCESS  (to enable please contact EDX technical support)


  • Error message when exporting KMZ using COM API- An issue was identified when exporting a Multipoint Study to KMZ using the COM API. This is now resolved.
  • Auto Selection with 3 sector template creating duplicates- Duplicate sector names for each tower were being created whilst running the auto selection feature with a 3-sector template. It was found that the 3 sector site was creating an inconsistent bad Transmitter group which is now resolved.
  • FCC-EDX Propagation Model Issue- Editing the Add Loss section in the supplemental parameters button for the FCC-EDX model was not automatically regenerating the study files. It required a forced deletion of working files. This is only being applied when you run an area study. When setting the FCC contours it doesn’t apply the loss. Fixed in 2 phases. This first pass fixes the issue when using radial area studies. The second phase of the fix will resolve the issue for contour-based studies (to be released)
  • Receiver fields not behaving correctly -Receiver threshold and receiver required C/I fields not working correctly. There was no issue in the solution. The resolution is to define various options for noise/interference.

  • Multipoint loss in Reports not matching pathloss– When running path MP Studies and path profiles from Base Station to CPE, the study results did not seem to take into account a switch between dBi reference and dBd reference. This is now resolved.



The following articles have been published to the Customer Support portal this month:

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