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Instant Access to Global Data

by | Sep 21, 2021

EDX Cirrus Data is the industry’s only high-resolution data subscription service. The service includes access to clutter and terrain on a project-by-project basis that now includes global data for any location in the world.

The Data

No matter where you are working, you can now easily acquire 30m hybrid clutter and 30m terrain. As this data is available in the Cirrus subscription service, users have instant access to high-resolution data for any location in the world – saving time over sourcing, procuring and converting data. In addition, users can subscribe to only the data needed covering a precise service area, as opposed to having to purchase an entire tile or region.

The data available uses the most current imagery available and is regularly updated with current subscribers receiving automatic updates. With immediate access and affordable pricing, engineers can respond immediately to RFP and customer requests and be immediately profitable in all bids.

Map Sync

The Map Sync feature in SignalPro is an interactive map that allows users to select service areas and regions within the software and download clutter and terrain data directly into their projects. This feature can be used for international studies and projects. Engineers using the Map Sync feature can procure and download data without leaving SignalPro and use this high-resolution data in new and existing projects.

Use Cases

International projects and bids
Smart Grid AMI
Deployments in challenging service areas


Reduce OPEX
Purchase only data needed (not entire tile)
Project-by-project basis
Automatic data updates
Save engineering time

Download the Solution Brief here:


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