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Connected Digital Twin for IoT

by | Sep 23, 2021

As 5G and IoT expand into every market in telecommunications, so too comes the need to gain insights into how these devices are performing. These insights lead to networks that are application aware, thereby providing operators and businesses the ability to leverage these networks to their full capability. 

EDX Wireless has been working with Verizon, Infosys, Swim, Etisalat in the TM Forum catalyst “Connected Digital Twin for IoT” to propose a solution that allows real-time visibility into IoT networks for on-the-fly decision making based on traffic, “what if” scenarios, and other demand projections.

For the digital twin we focused on an area in Palo Alto, near Stanford Stadium.

EDX Wireless cloud platform for RF planning allows the mobile operator to emulate the cellular network for a digital twin, focused on modelling the real cellular network and intelligently predicting how it will perform in non-ideal conditions, such as congestion, traffic abnormalities, traffic growth and other incidents that cause KPI degradation & compromise QoS to the subscribers.

For this use case, we looked at traffic leaving the stadium after a game and the traffic being re-routed due to an accident. The EDX platform is used to understand potential changes and optimize the network.

Coverage around the stadium.

These changes are then validated and executed in the digital twin. Increased IoT devices in smart cities are added to handle the growing traffic demographic, for which operators are expected to provide a network that can deliver the QoS and real-time optimizations.

Traffic re-routed from the stadium. Antenna parameters are adjusted to cater for the traffic.

EDX Wireless is a pivotal part of the digital twin as the solution emulates the real-world performance of the smart city network, from site setup to automated optimizations. The real-time optimizations for abnormal traffic trends or long-term learning of an AI will be validated by the design center, with EDX providing the propagation for coverage, soft and hard parameter change results and vendor equipment comparisons for best performance.

EDX Wireless Cloud Platform utilizes APIs to query the propagation studies from any AI solution to provide on-demand coverage analysis to define the best changes for KPI improvements and user experience.

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TM Forum, Connected digital twins for IoT Catalyst

About EDX:

EDX offers the most comprehensive engineering solution in wireless. Our products are used to design 5G, CBRS, IoT, Smart Grid AMI, LTE, Broadband Delivery, in-building DAS and more. The features of the platform contain everything needed to design greenfield networks from the ground up, optimize existing systems, expand networks or migrate from one technology to another.

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