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SignalPro v9: Changing the Industry

by | Oct 1, 2019

The release of SignalPro v9 marked a huge step forward in the industry with new features focused on accuracy, productivity, and license flexibility. EDX Wireless listened to our customers to provide them the wireless planning tools they needed to achieve their goals and streamline their processes.


What you said:

“Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy…we’re always looking for an edge here”

I’m buying hi-res data, but can’t run hi-res studies

Grid Optimized Radials

With EDX’s novel Grid Optimized Radial method, the radial density automatically increases as the study points get further from the transmitter, thereby increasing the prediction accuracy at longer distances but it also minimizes the impact of increased computation time.

Wireless Planning Grid Optimized Radial

Read the EDX Grid Optimized Radials Solution Brief Here: https://docs.edx.com/edx-s-grid-optimized-radials.html


What you said:

“We often have less than one week to complete a design…what can we do to go faster?”

“I’m not sure SignalPro is using the full potential of my machine…”


With the upgraded Signal Study Engine of SignalPro v9, studies are 3x faster out of the box. This upgrade supports area studies, TSB-88, FCC Contours and LTE Studies and multipoint studies. LoRa/IoT studies were built natively on this upgraded engine.

Rf propagation software / Wireless Planning Software Signal Pro

Very Large Study Grids

Run studies over any size service area without splitting into regions. Study grids are no longer limited to 5,000 x 5,000 points, allowing you to run very large studies without resetting a study grid, running multiple studies and stitching them together in a 3rd party program, greatly improving productivity.

Cirrus Data / Signal Pro/ Rf Planning Software

Read this case study to learn how Isotrope uses the Very Large Study feature along with high-resolution data to improve their workflow and win business: https://docs.edx.com/isotrope-relies-on-signalpro-cirrus-data-to-streamline-ops.html

License Flexibility

what you said…

“Our usage comes in bursts…”

“Can we get a temporary license for ______?”

Cirrus Licensing

Cirrus Licensing provides usage-based software for any application. With a variety of ways to license the keyless software, find the solution that best fits your needs from short-term opportunities and RFP responses, to long-term needs.

Rf Propagation Software Different Plans to fix your Wireless planning needs

Do it all…

Use SignalPro and all of the new features of v9 to ensure your 5G, LTE, IoT, mmWave, CBRS, Smart Grid, Distribution Automation, in-building DAS and Mission Critical networks meet performance and budgetary requirements.

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