EDX SignalPro® is a comprehensive wireless network design package. With support for systems from 30Mhz up to 100GHz across all types of networks including Mobile & Cellular, LTE, WiFi, LMR, Mesh and more, SignalPro is ideal for the planning and deployment of wireless networks in the transportation industry.

Among its many routecapabilities, SignalPro offers a route based approach to network planning in which system performance can be analyzed along any transportation corridor or rail line.  This feature set analyzes coverage to points along a 2D or 3D route – achieving a precise level of network planning resolution that would not be found in a uniform coverage study over a service area. In addition, SignalPro with the Mobile & Cellular Module contains a feature set to address
the unique challenges in designing a Positive Train Control (PTC) system, with advanced network planning features and automated processes ensuring a properly deployed and
dimensioned system. SignalPro also offers point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, area and in-building studies.

The capabilities of SignalPro can be further expanded through a variety of advanced network planning and technology specific modules, making it an all-in-one network design solution.

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